Company Philosophy

Our dream is an entrepreneurial passion to create a truly indigenous conglomerate, engaged in select businesses impacting on the society through productive efforts: providing customer satisfaction, thriving on the creative strength of our highly skilled and motivated manpower; guaranteeing increased wealth to shareholders; a good corporate citizen, caring for the environment and leaving enduring legacies.

Our world is defined by our people, our customers, our markets, our communities, our host governments and our environments and we do this with no harm to people or environment.


“To be the most admired Nigerian energy services company in terms of our successes, practices, quality, and safety through our people.”



“We use enterprise to make our world better.”


Our Promise

“The courage to dream, the commitment to deliver.”

Our Core Values

As a company, we uphold the following core values in our relationships with stakeholders:

  • Responsibility beyond ourselves: We think of our businesses beyond their profitability. We are active catalysts for developing our society and a vehicle for positive change.
  • Integrity: We set the highest ethical standards for ourselves and we are uncompromising in adhering to them.
  • Courage: Courage for us means continuously breaking new grounds, challenging and exceeding conventional limits. We are not afraid to dream.
  • Excellence: We value and celebrate excellence. We consistently deliver outstanding results to our stakeholders.
  • Respect for the individual: We recognize and appreciate every individual in the organization and their contributions towards our collective goals.